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Friday, June 10, 2005


The Parables of Jesus : EASY FINDER

What Is a Parable?
Parables make up about 35% of Jesus' recorded sayings, so it is important to understand them. Jesus repeatedly uses illustrations from daily life in his parables, but the parables are not merely illustrations in his preaching: they art the preaching. Though the illustrations are drawn from familiar objects and events, they often include exaggeration and unexpected behavior.

The Kingdom
The parables focus on God and his kingdom, and in doing so reveal what kind of God he is, the way in which he works and what he expects of human beings. Because many of the parables focus on the kingdom, some also reveal aspects of Jesus' mission. The parables are also intended to challenge and call to a decision: they are told in order to bring the listener to concede a point which he or she has not regarded as relevant to himself or herself.

Yet we also read in Mark 4:10-12 that Jesus taught in parables to conceal his message. Some are far from self-evident and teaching in this way helped to conceal Jesus' message from those hostile to him. Teaching by parable also offered aid to the memory and could serve to by-pass resistance in Jesus' listeners.

The following are Jesus' parables about the Kingdom:

Parables of The Kingdom Matthew Mark Luke
The sower 13:3-9,
18-23 4:3-9,
13-20 8:5-8,
Growing seed 4:26-29
Weeds 13:24-30,
Mustard seed 13:31-32 4:30-32 13:18-19
Yeast 13:33 13:20-21
The pearl 13:45-46
The hidden treasure 13:44
The fishing net 13:47-50
The unwilling children 11:16-19 7:31-35
The unfruitful fig tree 13:6-9
The workers in the vineyard 20:1-16
The two brothers 21:28-32
The royal wedding feast 22:1-14
The great dinner 14:16-24
The wicked workers 21:33-46 12:1-12 20:9-19
Lost sheep 18:12-14 15:3-7
Lost coin 15:8-10
Lost son 15:11-32
The two creditors 7:41-47
The Pharisee and the tax-collector 18:9-14
The rich man and Lazarus 16:19-31
The watchful servants 12:35-40
Ten girls at a wedding 25:1-13
The unreliable servant 24:45-51 12:42-46
The five talents 25:14:30
The ten gold coins 19:11-27
The rich fool 12:16-21
Good Samaritan 10:25-37
The unforgiving servant 18:23-35
The troublesome friend 11:5-8
The dishonest manager 16:1-13
The unjust judge 18:1-8


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